How To Welcome The Sugar Goblin

  • 1

    Every year as the leaves begin to change, when the pumpkins are carved and Halloween is near, whisper into the night, “Tricks for treats.” You don’t know when the goblins will come, so be sure to whisper it every night. That way, they know they are welcome.

  • 2

    When you find a goblin, check out the tricks it played and take a picture! Be sure not to touch it or you might scare it away.

  • 3

    After trick or treating, pick a few candies for yourself and leave the rest for the goblin to take home to the Sugar Goblin Village.

  • 4

    Be sure to look around in the morning. As a thank you for your kindness, the goblin will leave you a present.


  • can I name my goblin?

    Of course. Goblin names are unpronounceable in our language, so name them whatever you think they’d like.

  • can I cuddle with my goblin?

    It’s not recommended. Sugar Goblins are suspicious little creatures. It wasn’t long ago when kids stopped sharing their Halloween treats with them, so we need to rebuild that trust. When you find them in the house, please don’t touch. You don’t want to scare them. Instead tell them about the chocolates and licorice and other treats you’ll send to the village. They’ll like that.

  • how long before Halloween will my goblin come to visit?

    The answer is entirely up to you. When you see the tree leaves changing color and carved pumpkins popping up around town, that’s when you should start whispering in the night, “Treats for tricks.” It might take a few times for your call to reach all the way to Sugar Goblin Village, but watch out - a goblin is surely on the way.